Foobar DSP plugin - Loudspeaker Equalizer

Features v1.0

Download here


Q: What to set q-values at?
A: If you know the q-value of your speaker you can set it, otherwise it's recommended to leave at default.

Q: How deep can my speakers play?
A: It depends on how loud you want your overall music.

Q: Can this damage my speaker?
A: It might. Using this plugin will put extra strain on your speakers and amplifiers.

Q: How do I avoid speaker damage?
A1: Be sure to check if speaker excursion is too much, it will make a horrible sound.
A2: Avoid playing bass heavy music for hours as heat will build up in the voice coil.
A3: Reduce overall volume or desired -3 dB frequency.

Q: Can I see your source code?
A: The c-code and resource file are uploaded on HydrogenAudio

Q: Can I send you an email?
A: Yes, the email-address is